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Carrier® Gemini® - 7.5 Ton Commercial Heat Pump Condensing Unit (460-3-60)

Item: 38AUQA08A0A6-0A0A0
MFR: 38AUQA08A0A6-0A0A0

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38AU = Commercial Split System Puron® R-410A Refrigerant
Q =Heat Pump
A = None
08 = 7.5 Tons
A = Default
0 = Default
A = Al/Cu Standard
6 = 460/3/60
0 = Standard Electrical Mechanical Controls
A = Default
0 = None
A = None
0 = Standard

Gemini split system heat pump systems save energy and provide outstanding heating and cooling all year with:
  • All-season comfort in any climate
  • High energy savings capability
  • Suitability for new construction or replacement
System indoor and outdoor sections offer outstanding performance in either the cooling or heating mode
Heat pump system energy savings opportunity
Electrical energy consumption is always a prime concern when selecting an air-conditioning system for a commercial application. An easy, effective way to save energy is to install a heat pump. When building plans call for a heat pump, consider a matched Carrier 38AUQ/40RUQ heat pump system. These systems not only offer highly efficient cooling, they also provide a clean, safe, efficient source of heat. In fact, they are capable of delivering more than 3 units of heat energy for each unit of electrical power consumed.
Heat pump uniqueness
The outstanding performance of these heat pump systems is due to the heat pump’s ability to absorb and transfer heat - from outdoors to indoors for heating, and from indoors to outdoors for cooling. System indoor and outdoor sections operate as evaporators or condensers, depending on whether heating or cooling is required. The heating cycle starts with the outdoor coil absorbing heat from the surrounding air (even outside air at extremely cold temperatures), and ends with the indoor coil releasing or rejecting heat to the air around it.
38AUQ application versatility
Whether for a new application or replacement, these Carrier split system heat pumps offer time-proven performance for year-round comfort in any climate. With matching 40RUQ air handler, the units standard cooling operation ranges up to 125°F (52°C) and down to 35°F (2°C) ambient temperatures. If lower ambient cooling temperatures are required, Carrier’s Motor Master controller will allow operation down to -20°F (-29°C) ambient temperatures.
Rugged long life compressor
The 38AUQ outdoor units are equipped with a scroll compressor for superior efficiency and long life. Crank case heaters are available where required and each circuit is further protected by a suction line accumulator to protect during the defrost cycles or unique applications plus provide important oil management, all resulting in higher reliability.
Controls for performance efficiency
These units offer the building owner operating controls and components designed for performance dependability. The highly efficient hermetic scroll compressors are engineered for long life and durability. The compressor includes overload protection and compressor vibration isolation for further enhancement of quiet operation. The high-pressure switch protects the entire refrigeration system from abnormally high operating pressures. A loss-of-charge switch is also provided to protect the system against low charge conditions. Each unit utilizes the the Comfort Alertt diagnostic and troubleshooting control system. This protects the units operation and provides valuable diagnostic information such as:
  • System Go LED indicator
  • Fault LED indicator
  • Compressor fault LED indicator
  • Phase loss protection
  • Phase reversal protection
  • Anti short cycle protection
The 24-v-75VA control circuit transformer permits quick, easy wiring of standard and programmable 24-v thermostats. The 24-v-75VA control circuit transformer also comes with a re-settable circuit breaker for extra protection. Latest safety standards are assured through UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories), UL-Canada and ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) approval . The 38AUQ units utilize a reliable defrost board with field configurable timed defrost cycles. The defrost board may be easily configured for defrost cycles of 30 to 90 minutes, depending upon the application. Motor failure due to electrical overload is prevented by temperature and current sensors. Coil quality and performance are enhanced by copper tubes and aluminum fins, which provide maximum heat transfer. The coil is circuited for subcooling. A large heat transfer surface offers additional efficiency.
Innovative Carrier 40RUQ indoor units are custom matched to 38AUQ outdoor units for superior system performance
The 40RUQ Heat Pump air handler has excellent fan performance, efficient direct-expansion (DX) coils, easy installation, and a unique combination of indoor air quality features. Its versatility and state-of-the-art features help to ensure that the heat pump system provides economical performance now and in the future.
Easy installation and service - The 40RUQ multi-position design and component layout helps to get the unit installed and running quickly. The direct-expansion (DX) coils have factory-installed thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs) with matching distributor nozzles. All 40RUQ units also include factory-installed check valves and piping for heat pump duty with matching 38AUQ units. The 40RUQ units can be converted from horizontal to vertical operation simply by repositioning the unit. Drain pan connections are duplicated on both sides of the unit. Fan motors and contactors are pre-wired. For easier service, the filters, motor, drive, TXVs, check valves, and coil connections are accessible by removing a single side panel.
Indoor-air quality (IAQ) features - The unique combination of IAQ features in the 40RUQ Series indoor units helps to make sure that only clean, fresh, conditioned air is delivered to the occupied space. In the Cooling mode, direct-expansion (DX) cooling coils prevent the build-up of humidity in the room, even during part-load conditions. Standard 2-in. disposable filters remove dust and airborne particles from the occupied space. Thermal insulation contains an immobilized anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. The anti-microbial agent is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The pitched corrosion-free drain pan can be adjusted for a right- or left-hand connection to provide positive drainage and to prevent standing condensate. Each unit contains two separate drain pans which are provided for either vertical or horizontal fan coil positions. The 40RUQ accessory economizer can provide ventilation air to improve indoor air quality. When used in conjunction with Carrier Comfort System thermostats and CO2 sensors or PremierLink™ controller, the economizer admits fresh outdoor air to replace stale, recirculated indoor air.
Economy - The 40RUQ Series air handlers have low initial costs, and they continue to save money by providing reduced installation expense and energy-efficient performance. Quick installation reduces installation costs, and TXVs, check valves, and heat pump piping are factory-installed. High-efficiency, precision-balanced fans minimize air turbulence, surging, and unbalanced operation, cutting operating expenses. The economizer accessory precisely controls the blend of outdoor air and room air to achieve comfort levels. When the outside air enthalpy is suitable, outside air dampers can fully open to provide “free” cooling.
Rugged dependability - The 40RUQ units are made to last. The die-formed galvanized steel panels ensure structural integrity under all operating conditions. Galvanized steel fan housings are securely mounted to a die-formed galvanized steel deck. Coil housings are galvanized steel, and coils have aluminum fins mechanically bonded to copper tubes. The condensate drain pans provide corrosion-free performance.
Coil flexibility - Model 40RUQ coils have galvanized steel casings; inlet and outlet connections are on the same end. The coils are designed for use with Puron (R-410A) refrigerant and have 3/8-in. diameter copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminum sine-wave fins. The coils include matched, factory-installed TXVs with matching distributor nozzles. Check valves and heat pump piping are also included in all 40RUQ units. Duplicate piping access holes on both sides of the unit eliminate drilling; condensate connections for both vertical and horizontal installations are also provided on both sides of the unit.
Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.


Weight483 Pounds (lbs)
Width45.875 Inches (In)
Height42.375 Inches (In)
Country of OriginMEX
Length59.375 Inches (In)
CertificationsAHRI Certified
Circuit Breaker - Max Amps25
Circuit Breaker - Min Amps17.1
Condenser Motor HP1/4 HP
Condenser Motor RPM1100
Condenser Motor Speeds1 (Single)
Condenser Motor TypeDirect Drive
Cooling Capacity89000
Cooling Rated Capacity Btu/h90000
Cycle/Hertz60 Hz
Energy Star RatedYes
ETL ListedNo
Fins per Inch17
Full Load Amps0.8
Heat Pump CompatibleYes
Heating Capacity87000
Liquid Line FittingSweat or Braze
Liquid Line Size (OD)1/2"
Locked Rotor Amps100
Product Family38AUQ
Prop 65Yes
Rated Load Amps12.7
Sound Level (dBA)82
Suction Line FittingSweat or Braze
Suction Line Size (OD)1 1/8"
UL ListedYes
UL RecognizedYes
Voltage460 VAC
Warranty OfferedYes


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